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At INSANE FITNESS we are here for YOU!!!

Time and time again we hear “I’ll come to your classes when I get my fitness up, your classes look HARDCORE” or “I can’t do your classes, I’m not flexible enough”

But let’s get one thing straight… NO ONE gets results by sitting in their COMFORT ZONE!!!!

“Bish Bash Bosh! (Literally what class feels like ) No time for slacking here. Best motivation ever from Toria! I have NEVER stuck to a fitness class for so long. Totally addicted even if you do whoop my ass. Love it and feel super pumped after.  All because of Mrs Motivator upfront” ~ Becky Spooner

“I absolutely love these classes! Toria is amazing and pushes you to the absolute limit. I always come away feeling like I’ve achieved something. My fitness levels have come on so much since starting the classes, I can’t imagine not doing them now!!” ~ Michelle

1. Whether it’s HIIT, weights, circuits, spin or bodyweight training, we know how to get the best out of YOU and push you further than you thought your body was capable of. Not only that, you’ll love the buzz you get after an INSANE FITNESS class, those feel good endorphins will have you coming back for more, week after week.

“When first starting, I was really nervous and thought I would fall flat on my face! But Toria and the gang made me feel right at home. The classes are hard work but worth the effort….and I can already see the changes to my fitness and shape. If you’re wanting to join and feel nervous about it, please don’t! It’s great to get in to and you’ll feel amazing afterwards!” ~ Claire Marie Rothon

2. We can almost guarantee that you’ll feel super nervous before your first class, it’s totally normal when you’re trying something new. But we can also almost guarantee you won’t feel like that by the end! As a team, we welcome all new comers and will help you to relax and enjoy your first (and every) class with us.

3. It doesn’t matter where you’re starting from either. Whether you haven’t exercised for years, you’re returning after injury or you’re about to complete your 10th triathalon! We are passionate about helping you to reach your absolute potential and we won’t stop until you get to your goal (in fact, even then we’ll still keep pushing you to your next one!)

“Insane is the word! The atmosphere and support is brilliant – it actually makes exercise enjoyable! Always look forward to coming back ” ~ Amy Cordwell

4. It’s not just about creating awesome classes. At INSANE FITNESS we’re all about the personal touch and you’ll notice that when you come to a class. With over 150 regulars stepping through the studio doors week in week out, there’s a real feeling of support and before you know it you’ll feel part of the fitness family. As instructors, we are proud to know each and every one of our clients, so don’t be surprised if you get a cheeky text from us if we haven’t seen you for a few weeks!

That’s what makes us different, you WON’T be just another number.

“Just did my first Fitness Pilates with Gail and I absolutely loved it! I struggle with my core and think by focussing on my weakest ability within Insane Fitness, is only going to make me perform better in other classes too. Gail is amazing! She talks and demonstrates the moves beforehand so you’re not sat looking puzzled. It also makes a nice change to let your body and mind relax after a long week. Also the music is on point!” ~ Mia Farrar-Akram

5. If you’re committed to improving your health and fitness, then we’re COMMITTED TO YOU!!

There’s a reason why our clients rate INSANE FITNESS ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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