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This 30 minute HIIT class combines art and science with athlete inspired moves to create three unique programs:

GRIT STRENGTH - blends HIIT training with weights for the ultimate in strength and power.


GRIT CARDIO - 'THE' HIIT training experience! Watch your heart rate soar as you burn a crazy amount of calories! 

GRIT ATHLETE - this brutal combination of HIIT training and dynamic, athletic moves will see your fitness fly!

(Best for fat loss, ultimate fitness)

Tuesday 6am

Wednesday 7.30pm

Thursday 7.30pm

Friday 6am

Saturday 9.15am

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A high intensity, low impact strength training class. Working your WHOLE body and creating strong, long, lean muscles (and super pert glutes!) Using resistance bands, small hand weights and gliding discs to strengthen and lengthen.

(Best for glute strength, reducing back problems)

Monday 7.30pm

Tuesday 10am

Wednesday 6:30pm

Saturday 9am

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This weights based, FAT SCORCHING class will get you lean, toned and fit! Exhausting your muscles with low weights and high reps – toning and shaping your entire body WITHOUT ADDING BULK!

(Best for building strength, improving bone strength)

Monday 10 am & 6:15pm

Thursday 6.15pm

Saturday 8am

barre .jpg


The best kept secret for a FLAT STOMACH and super strong core! Targeting your deep postural muscles, you will develop strength from the inside out, whilst realigning your body and increasing your flexibility.

(Best for improving posture, injury prevention, strengthening core)

Pilates BURN

Tuesday 7.30pm

Thursday 7:30pm

Pilates FLOW

Sunday 9am & 7pm


This Studio Cycling class is NOT for the faint hearted!! We’ve specifically designed TURBO to push you to your limits! This class will take your fitness to the NEXT LEVEL and will shape and tone your legs and BOOTAY! This is a low impact class meaning no stress on knees/hips and lower back.

(Best for fat loss)

Monday 6am

Tuesday 6:30pm

Wednesday 6am

Thursday 6am & 10am


This is a full body workout like no other!!! This high intensity circuit class includes HIIT, cycling, resistance training, cardio, plyometrics, boxing, reaction and agility drills!!!!! EVERY muscle is worked to fatigue!!!
Make no mistake….this class does EXACTLY what it says on the tin!!!!!

(Best for full body workout)

Currently off the timetable due to COVID restrictions. Watch this space for the return!!!